ISC Topic 5. Top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Blogging

6 Dec

The top 5 tips for creating and keeping a well organized, aesthetically pleasing, entertaining blog are as follows.

  1. Keep up with the blog weekly. Do not wait because your blog will suffer. I had 37 blogs at the end of the semester, and I could not have imagined doing them all in the last week. It would take you forever, and I can guarantee you will not receive a good grade.
  2. Utilize all tools like prezi, scribd, and Twitter. Incorporating these into your blog make it aesthetically pleasing and easier to read.
  3. Use widgets. It makes your blog interactive.
  4. Make it consistent. When you have categories, make titles the same. For example, all of my ISC topic titles start like this. “ISC TOPIC 1.” Or 2 etc. This makes it easier to identify information on your blog page and where it pertains to.
  5. Use proper grammar rules. Writing well makes the blog seem more credible, and pleasing to read.

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