ISC Topic 4. My Blog Highlights Skills and Knowledge of the Field of Strategic Communication

6 Dec

This Blog highlights information for an integrated strategic communication class I took in the fall semester of 2010 at Queens University of Charlotte as an undergraduate. My best work includes connections to the class, labs and topics from the specific work asked from us.

My best connections include Connection 1, highlighting  the importance of digital media literacy. Connection 4 was  a reflection of Dr. Fareed Zakaria’s speech at Queens in 2010. He spoke about information technology. Connection 6 includes humor in talking about Twitter and how the world used to communicate through YouTube.

ISC Topic 2 includes the topic of privacy and freedom of speech, which allowed me to blog about freedom of speech rights in the workplace using an article about a woman who was fired for expressing her ideas and beliefs.

Labs were important to include because a lot of the information in them are real events or highlights my use of different tools. Lab 11 is a media kit for the opening of an on-campus building. Lab 10 highlights my use of Prezi. Lab 3 is a press release written for an on campus event.  Lab 1 along with all of the media labs use scribd to highlight the information and show up on my blog. All of these tools are important to the professional world and I am glad I know hot to use them to present information in the best way.


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