Chapter 19. Crisis Management.

24 Nov

Crisis management has become one of the most “revered skills in PR work” (Seitel, Page 290). Businesses always want to prevent crisis first, but unfortunately, when crisis happens, it will always be a surprise. You will probably find out when the media is contacting you to find out more information (Seitel, Page 387).

To prevent crisis, a company must have great “issues management”. Issues management is “the capacity to understand, mobilize, coordinate, and direct all strategic and policy planning functions, and all public affairs/public relations skills, toward achievement of one objective: meaningful participation in creation of public policy that affects personal and institutional destiny” (Seitel, Page 383).

The most important aspect of planning a crisis is BEING PREPARED. While doing this, there needs to be understanding between all parties. All definitions and risks need to be spelled out for all audiences. Rumors will then be less likely to start (Seitel, page 387).

When a crisis occurs, you need to communicate well. By well, I mean fast and accurate (Seitel, Page 391). This is one of the biggest mistakes PR professionals and companies make. They wait and let rumors start, and wait even longer while communication errors get worse. If you come out with accurate info very quickly, there will be minimal confusion (Seitel, Page 391).

As social media and the internet broaden the landscape of info and area of crisis to grow, there will be more people who need to have crisis management skills.


All of the reading notes in my blog are taken from the eleventh edition of The Practice of Public Relations, by Fraser P. Seitel.


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