Lab 12. TWITTER. Stay Connected

23 Nov

Twitter. I thought I would never use it. I also thought I would never use Facebook. Twitter made me love it just as Facebook did. If something happens and I want to share it I find myself updating foursquare to where I am, Twitter to say what happened and link a website, or a hash tag, and my Facebook status. This time last year I was saying, “ I hate social media and I think it ruins face to face communication and limits it”. I still do think that to some degree, but I also believe that social media gives us opportunities that are beyond what we have ever had before.  Due to my blog, I have been noticed  by Queens for writing a media kit with two other people and it has shown me how being connected can benefit my career when I graduate. I want to be a sportscaster, and if I am working for ESPNU (which I would die for) I would need to be connected in many ways. If I knew what athletes were tweeting before games, I could ask them about it and bring in another tie to the interview I would have with them at halftime, or after the game. There are so many ideas and ways to connect with people in person by being connected with them in social media. This experience has changed the way I think about social media even more. I tweeted more than was asked of me, and I really liked knowing what was going on. One of my favorite tweets was about  what people were doing last Thursday night. I would have never known unless I had a Twitter. I also heard of one student not missing a JBIP  meeting because he saw someone tweeted about being at it. He must have forgotten but was reminded and made it to the meeting and did not have to pay late fees. That is being connected.

Take a look at My Twitter Page — @ brittany_philip


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