Connection 6. Times have Changed Corso.

13 Nov

As we are about to begin our Twitter Lab, we need to think about why it is important. In our class, not many people use Twitter — even if they have an account. They say it is stupid and they don’t get it. I think that is partially due to the fact that our age group is still in an obsession with Facebook and networking to friends and knowing what they are up to. I also do not think that people are as up-to-date with Twitter as they could be and do not know how it could benefit them.

This commercial, for instance, is a tell tale sign that times have changed — dramatically — in the communication world. The typewritter? Not good enough — obviously. Even e-mail and newspapers and magazines do not cut it for up to date, second, eye catching information. We want everything fast, and with Twitter we will get it, about anything we would want to know about.


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