Chapter 9 and 17. PR and Traditional Roads to Media

8 Nov

Chapter 9 generates the idea that if all PR people and journalists got along, the world would be perfect. However, that would be an illusion. Journalist’s jobs are becoming harder and less entertaining because of the internet and cable. People would rather watch their news and read it online than pick up a newspaper. Although we saw that many people still do read the paper, they still visit other places first (Seitel, Page 174). We, as PR professionals, will need to deal with the media in many different situations, and know where to search for accuracy and information. Better relationships between media information experts will account for better practices within the field, and better media for publics in the long run.

Chapter 17 is best summed up on page 341, as it says, “while traditional advertising and marketing can build brand awareness, public relations establishes credibility and tells the brand story more comprehensively” (Seitel). Although PR is becoming very popular, traditional advertising is still very important. Like I wrote in my ISC Topic 3, I still believe our class should be called Integrated Strategic Communications, because it incorporates all of these ideas. In advertising, you “pay to place your message in more traditional media formats”. Marketing is “the selling of a service or product through pricing, distribution, and promotion”, and public relations is “the marketing of an organization and the use of unbiased, objective, third-party endorsement to relay information about that organizations products and practices” (Seitel, Page 342). No matter how you want to relay a message or sell a product or service, you should make sure you utilize all avenues to do so.


All of the reading notes in my blog are taken from the eleventh edition of The Practice of Public Relations, by Fraser P. Seitel.


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