Chapters 12 and 14. PR Grows

1 Nov

In chapter 12, the main point is that due to the growth in government, there needs to be a growth in PR as well. As a country, and world, we have seen that there has been a growth in PR. One example is that lobbyist numbers are growing at an extreme rate. In 1976 there were about 3,000 lobbyists, and today there are just under 35,000 (Seitel, Page, 257). Also, President Obama was called the first “digital presidential candidate” (Seitel, Page 260) He realized there were so many people he needed to target, people he needed to sway, and fundraising that needed to be accomplished.:  He used digital means to achieve this goal.

Chapter 14 is about International Relations. As public relations is growing quickly, and the internet is residing as a dominant force, the speed we gather information, and where we know information from is changing. We can receive information from Egypt here in America in a matter of minutes. “Information now travels at 15,000 miles an instant” (Seitel, Page 285). Another consequence of this is that people and organizations need to “be sensitive to how their actions might affect people of different cultures in different geographies” (Seitel, Page 286).

Communication is growing in most countries, and most countries have positive factors that are increasing the PR. Due to this, people have to realize that there s a “danger of communication in an increasingly interconnected – not to mention, sensitive – world” (Seitel, Page 297).


All of the reading notes in my blog are taken from the eleventh edition of The Practice of Public Relations, by Fraser P. Seitel.


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