Connection 4. The American Dream…Some of it Could be Hiding in Information Technology.

29 Oct

On Tuesday, I went to hear Fareed Zakaria speak in Belk Chapel. Fareed is a journalist and author. He has been a columnist for Newsweek along with editor. He will also be editor for Time and is the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s GPS.He speaks mostly on international relations, foreign policy and trade.

When I went to hear him speak, the last thing I thought was, “Yes, this will relate to Integrated Strategic Communications”. He is talking about the economic breakdown and how the American Dream no longer exists. So I just sat back and received my extra credit for writing class, and conveniently did not have to go to a different class.

After he was semi done talking about money and tax cuts (and how dumb they are), he started to talk about other solutions to what we can do as a country to better our situation. And guess what he said?

“Technology is a much larger driver of the hollowing out than trade.”


“You cannot shut down this new world. How would you stop people from sending one another e-mails, which is what a lot of offshoring comes down to these days? Nor can you help a modern economy by shielding industries from world-class competitors, which just encourages greater inefficiency. I grew up in an economy made up of those kinds of industries, all tightly protected from “foreign exploitation and domination.” It added up to stagnation and backwardness” (Zakaria) .
That is from his article in Time Magazine.

In person, he expanded on this and through his words, I heard…. why don’t we also start to manufacture things that are this important to people? Manufacture things that are expensive and NEW in the world, because our world is changing (especially through information technology) and we have to keep up with it.

This reminded me of Digital Media Literacy. It seems as if everything has been. If more people could see the changes, and relate to them better, and find a way to produce technology here that we could use and want more of, in the U.S., money could be made. It would be more expensive, but Apple does it. Their products and extras (like chargers) are all so expensive because they are made here (Zakaria). People still buy them.


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