ISC Topic 3. Integrated Strategic Communications. Yes.

25 Oct

I think our course is suitably named what it is – Integrated Strategic Communications.
There could be some confusion on the specific nature of the course and what it covers, but after reading chapter 17, it puts all of the information in perspective. Yes, public relations is the way that companies, and people put themselves out there and PR utilizes all of the marketing, and advertising tools.
However –
a mix of all 3, in order to do it well, is integrated strategic communication. If you know what advertising is, great. If you know what marketing and public relations are, great. If you know how to do those well and communicate through those tools, even better.
That is integrated strategic communication. Learning the knowledge about public opinion and how a company looks in the eyes of the city it resides in is not PR. If you were to publicize it, it would be PR, but, the knowledge that is accumulated before is communication – integrated strategic communication.
You need critical thinking skills to be able to create messages sent in PR, advertising and marketing. In order to create successful messages, you need to have writing skills and presentation skills (
If you look on the Course Description on The Queens University Website, (or below) the answer to this question lies within.
COMM 306 Integrated Strategic Communication
Strategic communication refers to the totality of an organization’s efforts to lead, motivate, persuade, and inform its various publics, which include consumers, investors, employees, and the media. This course provides students with information and insights about strategic communication: how messages are created and framed, why we respond to messages the way we do, and how to employ communications strategies to advance organizational goals. Prerequisite: COMM 101. 3 hrs.

This also sounds like a little phrase we keep hearing about – Digital and Media Literacy. We need to be able to take in, figure out, and re-tell information well in order to be successful communicators. If we do not do this well, the Public Relations aspect of this class would not be reached anyway.


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