Chapter 11. Fortune 400 Company in a Small Town

24 Oct

In chapter 11, we all learned that serving one’s community makes good business sense (Seitel pg. 221). While reading the chapter, I could not help but compare it to the fortune 400 company – CORNING Inc. I was doing this because I live in the city of Corning, where the company is.

When I am home, I see Corning Inc. everywhere. They donate money, and volunteer. They coexist in Corning very well. They have the 3 skills that allow them to do this, which are; determining what the community thinks about them, informing the community about their point of view, and negotiating and mediating between different channels of people in case of discrepancies ( Seitel, pg. 224).

As a citizen of Corning NY, I expected them to me visible, or to have appearance. Like I said before, they do this well. Their buildings are the most new and updated in the city and always have the best landscaping (my grandfather was a landscaper there for years). They participate in civic functions, and make themselves visible. Corning Inc. is stable and has been around for a very long time. The city somewhat rest on its shoulders, and lastly, they put Corning on the map. Many people, from all over the country, and the world come to Corning to look at their glass. That is what we are known for and we take pride in that (Seitel, pg. 224).


All of the reading notes in my blog are taken from the eleventh edition of The Practice of Public Relations, by Fraser P. Seitel.


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