Connection 2. Celebrate National Freedom of Speech Week

16 Oct

Queens is celebrating National Freedom of Speech Week by raising awareness around campus. Lambda Pi Eta will be promoting through social medias, like Twitter and Facebook. There will be flyers around campus, and Diana fountain will be “gagged” throughout the week to increase attention. There will be blog posts and discussions throughout the week on the social networks as well that students and professors can attend to.

October 18-24 2010, is National Freedom of Speech Week. The main cause of this holiday is to advance the origin and rights of free speech. This holiday is celebrated every third week in October. It was launched in 2005 in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters(NAB) Education Foundation.

Ways to help are very simple. If you are a family or an individual, you can…

-raise free speech awareness by telling friends about freedom of speech and how it affects them.

-exercise your own free speech right.

-get others involved as well

If you are an organization,

-become an active partnering organization by clicking here.

Connection to class is obvious. Communication’s main right is the freedom of speech. If people in our world were not able to speak how they wanted in news releases, or through advertising and promotion of business, effective communication would not be possible, or what it is today. It is very important to people to protect this right, and celebrate it happily.

Discuss this topic by going to Queens’ National Freedom of Speech Week Facebook Page


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