Chapters 6 and 7

4 Oct

Chapters 6 and 7 are about ethics and law. These are important concepts in social media and public relations because credibility is very important for media outlets and companies. Ethics is defined at the “standards of conduct that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues” (Seitel, Page 107). Laws are enforced to keep the playing field equal for media outlets and sources. Both of these concepts, when mistreated, have consequences. The credibility of an organization can be downgraded and their public opinion can change drastically.

An example of an ethical problems is, when employees of Enron were charged with accounting fraud, their shareholders’ lifetime savings were destroyed (Seitel, Page 109). For this to not happen, companies enact a Corporate Code of Conduct.

When it comes to laws, companies need to be very careful with the material they use, how they use it and when they use it. These examples could all mean breaking such laws as copyright laws, insider tradinglaws and the disclosure law. The insider trading law has been happening often in the last decade. Martha Stewart was a very popular celebrity who committed insider trading with an employee. This questioned her credibility as a person and her company as a whole.


All of the reading notes in my blog are taken from the eleventh edition of The Practice of Public Relations, by Fraser P. Seitel.


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