Chapters 4 and 8

20 Sep

Chapter 4 talks about public opinion and how important it is to make it positive. It also reminds me how hard it is to build up and how easy it is to be destroyed. They used business examples; however, the first thing that came to my mind was, Tiger Woods. He created his entire “public opinion” and it took him his entire life. It took him (or his wife) a swing of a golf club and a car crash to destroy it. There were other obvious wrong doings that ruined his image, but the ones I listed started the rumors.

Attitude affects public opinion, and attitudes are based on many things like; age, lifestyle, education, family, religion, social class, and race. Attitudes lead to opinions, and those opinions lead to actions. These actions could turn public opinion into positive, negative, or non-existent ones.

Chapter 8 is about research. Research is a systematic collection and interpretation of info to increase understanding. There are many principles to PR research, but only a couple stood out the most to me in the reading.

-You need to establish a clear program objective and desired outcomes tied directly to business goals. (Without this, you do not know where you are heading)

-There needs to be a combination of techniques to evaluate effectiveness.

When I was reading this chapter it reminded me of something we had already talked about – two-way communication. There needs to be feedback from the sources. Research works in a similar way, because you need to do research before something happens, and after to test the “something’s” success. Ways to test and perform this type of research include, surveys, and communication audits.


All of the reading notes in my blog are taken from the eleventh edition of The Practice of Public Relations, by Fraser P. Seitel.


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